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Frequently Asked Questions ( Buy royal honey )

Questions and Answers!

These are the Questions we have received countless of times. No Worries, Royal Honey of America was created to Clear up all the confusing questions and even myths regarding Royal Honey and Royal Jelly. 

  • Q: How long does it take for US domestic orders to arrive? Explain the order process.
  • A: Once an order is made, We are immediately notified via Email & Text. We immediately package item(s) in a plain discrete package with a free gift. We then Print our own shipping Labels through USPS and shortly after you will receive a Tracking Confirmation email with a tracking number. We ship out packages twice a day, once at 9 am and once at 5:30 pm in order we maximize our efficiency in regards to our shipping time. We hold the best record for fast shipping. Same Day Shipping!

  • Q: Which is the best type of Royal Honey? Which Royal Honey brand should i go with?
  • A:I, Sam, have tried every one of these products and have given countless of samples out in order i find which is the best, but the answers are always mixed.” 

                             "Some Customers Swear to me that Kingdom Royal Honey Vip is the  Strongest,  while others Swear that Dose Vital or Etumax is the Best. Who is to Believe?"

                Thats why we Created the ability to purchase half boxes

                or a Variety Mix'n'Match Box.  


  • Q: Do you Ship International?
  • A: Yes we ship American Domestic as well as International. We also ship Discrete with No labels or stickers implying Royal Honey.

Mission statements"Supply America with Royal Honey Fortified with Royal Jelly & Herbal Extracts!" Our Goal is to provide the best Royal Honey purchasing experience with the best Quality Products and Customer Service. To get Americans to know about this product that has yet to be known in the American Market. To provide more than excellent customer service. To be able to build a one on one relationship with our customers and to win the Hearts of all the Royal Honey & Royal Jelly Lovers, that i clear up all the misconceptions regarding this wonderful product. Makes a wonderful Gift. 

Company policies – Consumer is Always Satisfied! Returns accepted within 21 days of purchase for partial refund (Full amount minus original shipping cost to ship it). *product  must be shipped back for a refund. 

Executive profiles – Sam (Ceo of Royal Honey America): "A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. By Gods Grace and Good Will he has made us the top Royal Honey Seller in America! I give all credit due to the Lord and the fearlessness he gave me to be able to run my businesses as smooth and effective as possible. Not to Brag but look at our Perks!

                   -Same Day Shipping

                   -Free Gift Sachet with Every Order

                   -Free Tracking Number With every order so you can track your package as it arrives.

                   -Don't Feel Ready to commit to a Whole Box? No worries we are the only U.S Domestic Royal Honey Supplier to offer individual sachet purchases.

                  -The only Royal Honey Supplier to Gaurentee Satisfaction or your money back! Buy with Confidence!

ABOUT SAM: As CEO of Royal Honey America, Sam, takes pride in his specialty of supplying high quality Royal Honey, Fortified with royal jelly and herbal extracts. He takes every order serious as if it were his own. He takes pride in being able to promote the love between God's Creatures (mankind). We like to run our business on in a Godly Fashion. Meaning we do not lie to earn a $. What We tell you is what We know, and what We know is that Royal Honey America is going to change the way people Think of Royal Honey! Sam personally Thanks you for visiting Royal Honey America and taking the time to look into our company

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If you feel that We have cleared up all your worries and questions then click "Shop Now" bellow to continue your Wonderful experience at Royal Honey America. We guarantee satisfaction! If your not satisfied, just send it back for a full refund. Don't be a skeptic like i used to be, Experience what you have been missing out on!


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