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ROYAL HONEY AMERICA - Your Most Reliable Royal Honey Supplier

ROYAL HONEY AMERICA - Your Most Reliable Royal Honey Supplier

ROYAL HONEY AMERICA - Your Most Reliable Royal Honey SupplierROYAL HONEY AMERICA - Your Most Reliable Royal Honey Supplier

Royal Honey fortified with Royal Jelly and Herbal Extracts. 

Specializing in delivering U.S Domestic Orders within 2-3 days


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Site Updates

Payment Methods Update

Our Online Credit/Debit Card Processor is for U.S Orders Valued at $110 or less! If the order value is over $110 usd please use our alternative payment methods.

You will receive 1-2 FREE Sachets per order by making Payments using Our Alternative Payment Methods Listed below. 

May The Good Lord instill blessing in our new changes. 

Alternative Payment Methods

-CashApp to $RoyalHoneyAmerica with order# or cash.app/$RoyalHoneyAmerica

-GooglePay to 313-265-1813  

-Zelle Online Payment to 313-265-1813 (U.S banks have Zelle built directly into each bank’s mobile app)

The Payment Methods used most by our clients & customers are Credit/Debit, CashApp and Zelle.

P.S - Don’t forget to look at our Site & Product Reviews located on our “Shop our Products“ Page. 

Buy Royal Honey VIP. Male enhancement Royal honey for men

Buy Royal Honey VIP. Male enhancement Royal honey for men

About Us

Buy Royal Honey Vip Royal Honey America. royal jelly Herbal extracts Sexual enhancement honey vip

Our History

Built upon Love, Here at Royal Honey America our main priority is customer satisfaction. Starting off as a small in-home ran business (ECommerce) to one of the Top Leading Domestic Suppliers in America is what makes us special. Our super fast customer service team always replies promptly, in order that we serve you best. All our inventory is imported directly from the Manufactures of the 5 Top branded Royal Honey & Royal Jelly products (Malaysia).  With its amazing Taste & Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients (Honey, Royal Jelly, Tribulus Terrestris, Peruvianum aka Maca, Eurycoma Longifolia aka Tongkat Ali Root, Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Cinnamon, Kacip Fatimah for her & MORE!!) you are bound to find something to fit your needs. 

 Did we mention we have a "SAME-DAY SHIPPING" rule that your order gets to you as fast as possible? Expect your products to arrive, 2-3 business days after completely making an order*

Here at RoyalHoneyAmerica.com you can buy with confidence and return more than Satisfied!

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What we Offer

☆5 of the hottest Royal Honey Products

Including (but not limited to):

          -Kingdom Royal VIP Honey 12 sachets x 20g

          -Etumax Royal Honey 12 sachets x 20g

          -Dose Vital Royal Honey 12 sachets x 15g

          -Etumax Royal Honey Vip12 x 10g

         -Etumax Royal Honey For Her 12x20g

-Comming Soon! 

+COFFEE Royal coffee

☆Gauranteed arrival & delivery of order so long as you provide your correct address. We will not be held responsible for Orders shipped to the “wrong address”. 

Royal Honey w/ Jelly & Herbal Extracts

Fast Shipping Royal Honey vip usa royal jelly w herbal extracts. Dose Vital, etumax. Sex honey

Stress-Free Delivery

-We Ship Worldwide. Domestic Orders please browse around and shop with freedom. Place an order and Pay how you'd like. *All Orders must be paid using our secure payment processor or our alternative payment methods.

-SUPER FAST 1-3 business day Priority mail shipping

*Domestic & international 

-Free Tracking Number with every Order

-All U.S Domestic Orders are Guaranteed Delivery or We replace your order for free!

-We only have so much power after we ship out an Order. Usps  shipping can experience some delays espec during Holiday Seasons yet it is very rare!  

-We do NOT cover/refund for lost or seized International mail by a Country’s Customs

-Free U.S Domestic Shipping on Bulk/Warehouse Orders of at least 100 boxes and up.*

-TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR GUIDELINES or have any questions please click “Find Out More” below.

Royal Honey Official Video

Official Royal Honey Commercial!

WHY ROYAL HONEY AMERICA? Simple...We have Quality!

Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

royal honey vip for Him. Royal honey sexual enhancement. Royal jelly

Do Not Let the Oversea suppliers win by making you pay BIG $ for (possibly) a fake box of Royal Honey. Order through ROYAL HONEY AMERICA. Where your guaranteed a truthful sale & a safe delivery.

Here at Royal Honey America, if paid  using an alternative payment method,  with each order YOU will receive an Extra 1-2 FREE sachet(s) of Royal Honey to try, on top of your order. Moreover, what One will receive when ordering Royal Honey from us is the peace of mind of being 100% Satisfied!


Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

Buy Royal Honey U.S Domestic

Very rarely do you find a Royal Honey Supplier willing to tell you the truth; that there is no fake or original Royal Honey manufacturers. They all work, its just a matter of the quality! Rather each just wants the benefit of being able to say “mine is authenic” to get consumers to pay top dollar for something they want to believe. RoyalHoneyAmerica is a God loving & fearing company that tells the truth about royal honey & offers cant beat satisfaction and quality Royal Honey.

Visit our “FAQ’s” page for more clarification and information on Royal Honey.

Bussiness Ethics

Why Support Us?

Bussiness Ethics

Buy Royal honey sexual enhancement. Royal jelly USA domestic

Avoid Suppliers selling Royal Honey on AliBaba, ebay, etc, U.S customs sometimes will seize a package for analysis testing and the Oversea Suppliers will expect you to pay for a product you did not receive, let alone the weeks you must wait before receiving through DHL.

At RoyalHoneyAmerica we offer a Guarantee of Successful Delivery or we ship you another free of charge or your  money back.  

Be Sure to check out our reviews!

Why US!

Visit our FAQs page for more answers!

Bussiness Ethics

Buy royal honey vip for Him. Royal Honey Vip for her.

ROYAL HONEY AMERICA will ALWAYS remain the Top Retailer of Royal Honey in  the name of the Lord. 

*We ONLY carry the best of manufactered Royal Honey from ”Quality focused manufactures” (using the best quality Honey, Royal Jelly & Herbs)

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Visit our FAQs page for more answers!

Visit our FAQs page for more answers!


We have been hearing a lot about recent orders made from over seas, being seized by u.s customs, no refund, no product. They expect the Risk to be on the buyer. 

Buy Domestic from us (RHA) and face NO SHIPPING RISKS

Visit our FAQs page for more answers!

Visit our FAQs page for more answers!

Visit our FAQs page for more answers!


click  our  FAQ  page  to  learn  more About RoyalHoneyAmerica